This section will help you understand various abbreviations as well as commonly used phrases which we address on our Developer portal.


Commonly used phrases

Phrase Explanation
API Application Programming Interface
TB                           Tatra banka
RB Raiffeisen bank
PSD2 Payment Service Directive 2
PSP Payment Service Provider
ASPSP Account Servicing Payment Service Provider
PSU Payment Service User
TPP Third Party Provider
AIS(P) Account Information Service (Provider)
PIS(P) Payment Initiation Service (Provider)
PIIS(P) Payment Instrument Issuer Service (Provider)
Sandbox Testing environment
Authorization API API which enables you to authorize the client in order to make a specific action
Accounts API API which enables you to use Account Information Service
Payments API API which enables you to use Payment Initiation Service
Funds API API which enables you to use Payment Instrument Issuer Service
Premium API Commercial API of Tatra banka, which is availbale only after signing of contract
Consent Facility which is enabling the division of users. It is possible to create the consent, to check the status of the consent, and to delete the consent.
Webhook Functionality which enables you to obtain the information about any change on your account at the specified URL.