Try in Postman

You can download Premium API collections on this (collection contains Premium API - Accounts & Premium API - Payments)

Run in Postman


Step 1 

Install Postman. You can get it on

Step 2 

Import following collections by clicking on button "Run in Postman".

Step 3 

Premium API collections require client_id and client_secret headers in order to authenticate the clients. If you don’t have an API key created yet, you can use before start guide to help you create one. Once you have the API key created, you can add its secrets to postman. Click on the eye on the top right corner and press on “Add” next to “Environments”. Define variables client_id and client_secret with values from the key that you generated on Developer portal, then add the environment.


Once you save the environment, you can select it in the top right corner, and all the requests to Account Information API will be authenticated using your API key.



Please note, in order to try Sandbox you should use replace {production} with {sandbox} in all collections. For example: