Webhook notifications

Webhook notification enables you to access information, if there was any change on the accounts, which were authorized by your application.

Documentation (swagger)

Webhook notification consists of:

  • Timestamp (date): e.g. "2020-10-30 14:25:00"
  • consentId: e.g. "151f5dsf5s-15fsd1f5d-d1f5sdf15s"
  • eventType: "NEW" (default value on every occasion)
  • Accounts:
    • accountId: e.g. "ds8f4ds8-d18saf4d8f-1ds8f4ds8f"
    • accountId: ...

Webhook notification set-up:

In order to set up webhook notifications, you have to enter Application settings -> Tab Application Usage. There are three settings connected to the webhook notifications:

  • Webhook Enabled: Yes/No
    • It indicates, if the application is able to retrieve the notifications
  • Webhook Endpoint (URL): freetext field
    • You have to state the url, where you want to receive notifications. Please note that the URL can not contain any parameters.
  • Webhook Security Header: freetext field
    • It serves you as an optional parameter for additional layer of security
    • Security header might be empty or it must follow a regular expression [ a-zA-Z0-9=+/]*, e.g. "Basic dXNlcjpwYXNzd29yZA=="
    • Defined header has to be inserted in the webhook call as a Header (Authorization: security_header)