Before start

Before you start you should do a few basic tasks in following steps:

  1. Register your organization
  2. Invite your developers
  3. Create your application

Step 1. Register your organization

To register your organization you should navigate to . At first you register yourself as your organization administrator by filling your first name, last name, email address, username, password and accepting the End User License Agreement. Then you register your organization by filling its name and description. Your registration is sent to the bank by clicking Register Now button.

After receiving your registration the bank will send you the confirmation email to the email address which you provided. The email will include link to activate your account and log into the Developer portal. Your registration is completed after you click on the confirmation link and successfully login.

In case you login to the Developer portal without using the confirmation link the Developer Portal will show you the following error message 'Your account has been disabled'.

Password policy

You need a password to login to the Developer Portal which is defined by the password policy settings. Your password should comply with the following rules:

Minimum password length
Minimum number of upper case letters
Minimum number of special characters
Minimum number of lower case letters
Maximum number of non-repeating characters
Minimum number of numerical values
Password History size
Password Expiry age
730 days
Password Expiry Warning
14, 3, 1 days


Step 2. Invite your developers

As an organization administrator you can invite developers from your organization. To invite new developers enter Dashboard/Organization page and then click to Invitations menu item on the left. By clicking the Invite New Users button you will start the invitation process. After filling the list of developer's emails click the Send Invitation(s) button. Each developer from your invitation list will receive confirmation email with registration link to the Developer portal. You can check the current status of your developers' onboarding on the Dashboard/Organization page in Developers menu item.


Step 3. Create your application

After creating the application you are able to access the testing (Sandbox) environment for the subscribed APIs.

Step 3.1. Fill in application information

Before you are able to make your first API call you need create an application on the Developer Portal. Enter Dashboard/Applications page. To add new application click the Add Application button and start with filling the required application information in the Application Information tab.

Step 3.2. Choose APIs

In API Management tab you are able to choose the APIs which you want to access (PayLater API)

Step 3.3. Set up authentication

Add Callback URL

In Auth tab, you have to add a Callback URL, which is used by the bank authorization server to return responses containing applicationId(without status) to the application via your customer user-agent. The bank authorization server requires all applications to register one or multiple callback URLs (redirect URIs) before utilizing the authorization endpoint.

Callback URL for Sandbox environment:

Add Scope

For PayLater service is used OAuth 2 Client Credentials Grand. Scope fill with value PAY_LATER


Step 3.4. Start with testing APIs

Click the Save button in order to create new application.

After successful creation of the application the Developer Portal generates client credentials of your application:

  • API Key (also called client_id, e.g. l7xx528bd862138c4e9bab60cfb5d4d85df8)
  • Application secret (also called client_secret, e.g. 3d5e2ac607ff4f5aa6c5132e1f0f0159)

Please keep your application secret safe. However if your application secret is compromised you can request to generate new secret by clicking the Request a New Shared Secret button in Auth tab while editing your application.


Step 4. Promote application to Live

To promote your application to Live environment enter the Dashboard/Applications page and start with editing your application. In API Management tab you can request to change Sandbox plan to Production (Live) plan.

Then, you will be contacted by backend officier for signing contract.