XML Format

The payments resources payloads in XML format are dedicated to ISO20022 standard compliance. Payloads are defined by following schemas:

SEPA Credit Transfer should follow scheme rulebook.

Example Request in XML format is available for download here.

Implementation Notes

  • Message Identification value must be unique.
  • Number Of Transactions value must be always 1.
  • Payment Method value must be always TRF
  • Requested Execution Date description here
  • Debtor Financial Institution Identification with BIC only TATRSKBX value is allowed.
  • Instruction Identification value must be unique. Error description "duplicate externalId: 0014567889AA2"

JSON Format

Example Request in JSON format

  "instructionIdentification": "9b766084-57de-48b2-be53-1bd2804ae0b7",
  "creationDateTime": "2017-07-31T14:54:32+01:00",
  "debtor": {
    "name": "Meno Priezvisko",
    "iban": "SK0511000000002900000005"
  "creditor": {
    "name": "Meno Priezvisko",
    "iban": "SK6807200002891987426353"
  "instructedAmount": {
    "value": 1234.56,
    "currency": "EUR"
  "endToEndIdentification": "/VS123/SS456/KS0308",
  "remittanceInformation": "Payment for a utility service.",
  "requestedExecutionDate": "2017-08-11"